The Difference Between Astisan And Artist

The Difference Between Astisan And Artist

An artisan is someone that uses hand to create objects to be unique. They get their knowledge from the ancient times, their styles work are unique. Some objects created by these artisans using the ancient style include chair, table cloth, bags, shoe, necklace etc. Their materials are found within the surrounding, their ideas and skills are pass to the next generation. Artisan creates objects in a large amount to earn a living out of it.

On the other hand, refer to

On the other hand, refer to artist as someone who represents ideas and communicate through the work of art. Some ways they represent their art include paintings, drawing, sculpture etc. Artist are people who went to school and acquire knowledge in their field of expertise and are well-trained. The use of machines is involved in the work of an artist such as wheels for ceramics, computer for graphic design, welding machine for sculptors etc. Painters use brush, paint, canvas with other tools to produce paintings. Works produce by artist carries many ideas to tell a story of an event that has or is happening.

There are distinguishing factors that differentiate

There are distinguishing factors that differentiate an Artisan from Artist, these factors makes artisans not to be considered as artist. One among the differences between them is the material they both use. The artisans create objects from nature in a large number, and artist produce works of art that are from artificial sources. While the artist use the following materials paints, brushes, pencils etc. The artisan use local materials like, wood, chisel, hammer, clay, glass, along with other found objects. But in recent development, artisans used more of machines to create rather than the old hand tools.

The Difference Between Astisan And Artist

Educational background an artist have is different from the artisan. To be a professional artist, you need to undergo through formal education to get experience with good knowledge of art, as for artisans knowledge being pass orally from one generation to another. Artist work are full ideas, feelings, attraction, represent and communicate to people. Basically, the work of artisans is to be used by the people for different purpose. Artisans replicate most of their works and have no original piece, while an artist always make his work original. Exhibition is a program organize by artists to display works of art, while artisans do not have any program they can display their work.

Artist have more job opportunities outside their field of expertise, you can work as an artist with the museum, military, hospitals and many organizations that require artistic skill. But that is not the case compare to artisan who is limited to only his craft. Work of artists are created with a lot of meaning compared to the craft created by artisans mainly to serve the purpose they are made for. Art pieces have more value than craft which place the artist higher than an artisan. Artisans focus their attention to create a work that will serve a purpose while artist creates art piece that is inspiring to capture the mind of the people.

People appreciate the work of artist more for the creativity and ideas put into their art pieces. The artist target is to communicate and represent his mind through his works, but the artisan is targeting the money he will make from every object created. This is the more reason why artisans repeat their work any time. Artist have higher chances to solve problems through their level of educational background and their nature of work that exposed them to different kind of task, than artisans bend on doing the same thing repeatedly. Art pieces can be interpreted in different ways based on the perspective of the viewer and give meaning to them. Things created by these artisans have less or no interpretation as they are basically for utilitarian purposes.

With all these differences that stands between an artisan with an artist, they both have things in common. All of them use their hands and brain to create things of different kind. They are both aiming at satisfying human needs and desires. People appreciate and patronize the work produced by each of them, they are both knowledgeable in their field of work. With the skill they have, they can make the world a better and beautiful place for humans.

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