The Difference Between An Architect, An Artist and An Artisan

The Difference Between An Architect, An Artist and An Artisan

Profession is a special type of job that requires a special skill or training. An architect, an artist and an artisan are all professions with difference but have one thing in common. This one common attribute they all possess has caused some confusions in the minds and thoughts of people. These terms have to be well understood, and their similarities and differences should be made more clear to understand. Their similarity is tight down to the fact that they are all work of arts. Each of them have their specialization, professional knowledge and area of concentration.

An Architect, an Artisan, and an

An Architect, an Artisan, and an Artist are all jobs that revolves around art work, and artworks are known for interesting, intriguing, beautifying value and also well done. They are artworks though their forms and aspects of art differs. The three professions might be able to do other skillful things that is or can be found in other jobs, but they have their specific specialty in which their profession and expertise can be exhibited better. All the three professions can work together to have an amazing work, it takes two great creative minds to work together. For instance, an architect might not know the kind of furniture that best fits the house or the perfect color combination of the paintings. So in this case, the artisan helps in providing ideas on the kind of furniture to be used, while the artist decides the color choice or combination of the building’s painting.

What is then their differences? An

What is then their differences? An individual who has the professional skills in making plans, designs and oversees the structure and construction of a building is referred to as an Architect. They are in charge of buildings whereby they design and create a beautiful-looking house structures for their clients. The beauty, standards and uniqueness of a building, be it whatever kind is the work of an architect. Most or all architects are competent in engineering, building design, technical knowledge, planning and management skills. They have competence on these skills because their work revolves around activities that requires such. Those activities that are also involved in the job of an architect includes visual arts, interior design, civil engineering, construction, etc.

The Difference Between An Architect, An Artist and An Artisan

The architect is in charge of the aspect of building designs, structures, and constructions, while an artist is in charge of different sort of artworks, which differentiate the two professions entirely. Artists have nothing to do with buildings, they only leave in the houses that has been built while they enjoy the comfort of the finished works of an architect. Whoever that creates and makes art as their profession and area of specialization is called an artist. They are people who have good professional expertise in painting, drawing, sculpture, music, film making, dancing, writing, acting and photography. As long as an individual have professional skills in creativity and making of art work, they are always referred to as an artist. This profession has nothing to to do with house or construction designs or management and so, they cannot be called an architect because it is not their area of specialization.

A skilled craftsman who uses tools or machines with his hands to create a partly or entirely hard material items or objects are known as an Artisan. They use their hands to make objects that are useful to our day-to-day activities. The items they create can either be for a functional or a decorative purpose. This means that the items made can be used to beautify our homes, offices, events, etc, or they can be used to execute other activities. Examples of these functional and decorative objects are furniture, sculpture, decorative arts, clothing, jewelries, handmade clockwork movement, and home tools etc. The artisan make things by themselves using their skilled and excellent creativity to produce objects that are of importance.

All three professions bring out the beauty of artwork, but the idea here is that the type of art and how it’s created is what makes the difference between them. The architect focuses on buildings, an artisan produce objects or tools while an artist gives out a beautifying artwork. In terms of their similarity, they all work towards achieving a beauty and fulfilment in their work of art and specialty.

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