Job responsibility of artists versus artisans

Job responsibility of artists versus artisans

Art is the expression of an imaginative thought of a person to a targeted audience within a place. Artisan and artist are confusing nouns but with different meanings and job responsibilities. Artist is someone who performs any of the creative arts ranging from music to painting and in most cases; their work is displayed in museum like those of painters. On the other hand, artisans are those who make items with their hands and their products serve functional value or decorative value. Their items attract different buyers from the world because of the uniqueness that comes with their craft.

While producing their products, artisans incorporate beautiful designs in their work therefore making their products much expensive due to the skills applied in perfecting them. Artisans perfect their skills from continuous practice and learning from a master- crafts person. It is time consuming for artisans to produce appealing products and when auctioned, they attract numerous buyers. Changing fashion trends contributes in designing of products that are up to date with the client needs. This is evident in the furniture industry where sofas have change from simpler ones to trendy ones.

A crafts person has the responsibility

Artists practice their art to entertain and their work lacks functional value. The artists have a role of keeping historical records to share with future generations. Musical artists compose songs that give history of events that took place or are taking place within certain environments. Painters also express their thoughts or historical events through paintings and example of well-known paintings are Last supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci and Persistence of memory by Salvador DalĂ­. By keeping records of past events, they also play a role of informing generations to come of past events and their significance.

A crafts person has the responsibility of mixing various materials to come up with something of improved quality. Earlier, industrial revolution the craft persons were the major producers of items by using natural resources around them. The goods were limited but of a higher quality compared to those of mass production. Regardless of the revolution that has occurred, artisans have employment opportunities wherever they reside ; they contribute to economic growth of a country. In other parts of the world of the world, craft persons who produce cultural wares are still recognized and appreciated for their work.

Artificers have  a job responsibility

Perspective of people on certain issues is important since it results to growth or decline. Artist help people to see the world in a new or innovative way. Through their music or painting, issues like gender equality regardless of people’s race that is a revelation for those who thirst for equality and stability. A work by a singer or painter can be simple and full of messages that is easy to understand for everyone. Their work should be appreciated for the innovation and thoughts that it triggers.

Artificers have a job responsibility of testing of factors like durability for the items they produce. Before releasing their work, it has to be environment friendly and human friendly. Failure to achieve the expected results, the artificer will restructure his or her good to generate something unique and of standard. Quality is essential for anything made for the world market and it is observed at all times. Artists and crafts person can work together to bring out the uniqueness of a good.

Job responsibility of artists versus artisans

Painting and music are talents because people bring out their ideas in different ways to reach their audience. This aspect of uniqueness of features makes someone to be recognized by the public and it is their signature. Craft like pottery may be learned and improved over time after mastering the craft. These hands people are born without the knowledge of making items like glass wares but due to exposure they learn to do the task. Mastering of a skill is important for coming up with ways of modifying things to the desired standard.

The type of work done is to attract grants or buyers within your environment. Musical artists may through their songs attract donations to fund the charity organizations that they set up to support the marginalised within a place. As for the skilled workers their aim is always to reach out to many clients through online shops or auctions to reach out to all people. There is a difference they both influence the economy of a country in different ways.

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